Scores stay high in precinct perception survey

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Umhlanga Rocks Urban Improvement Precinct users remain overwhelmingly positive about the area and its facilities according to a recent survey.

The perception survey conducted for the precinct over the March/April holidays sought participants’ views on the safety, cleaning, maintenance and greening services in the area.

In reply to the question, “Would you recommend Umhlanga Rocks”, 98% of the 231 people surveyed agreed, giving thea area a rating of 4-5, where 1 is poor and 5 is excellent.

The score remains unchanged from the previous survey, conducted from December 18 to January 19.

Green rating

The green rating of the Village enjoyed an uptick, with 65% percent of those surveyed rating it 4-5, compared with 51% in the December-January survey.

The authors of the survey believe the increase in plantings in tree bowls and along Lagoon Drive may have lifted the score.

There was also an increase in cleanliness ratings for public toilets, with 61% of respondents scoring these amenities 4-5 as opposed to 40% in the last survey.

A fresh lick of pain may have done the trick, according to a precinct report on the survey released in mid May.


However, the impact of the heavy rains and the municipal strike slightly impacted the cleanliness rating for the promenade with 70% of respondents giving a score of 4-5, down from 85% in the previous survey.

The report noted that the survey period coincided with the “heavy rains in March, the Easter weekend storms, the sewer spills and the municipal strikes which dramatically affected the cleanliness and general management of the area which created an overall ”messy” impression and a more negative stance on the area”.

On the plus side, open-ended questions put to respondents in the survey did not reflect a perception of decline.

Asked what were the three things they enjoyed most enjoy about uMhlanga Rocks, the top answers were the promenade, walking and running; security and feeling of peace; the people and welcoming atmosphere; the beaches and sea; and the variety of food.

FEATURED IMAGE: Mmohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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